No Poetry This Time

Disclosures, self and otherwise

MacKenzie Scott
2 min readDec 10, 2021

A follow-up to an essay I published Wednesday:

I’m a slow writer and a private person, so maybe it’s fitting that a postscript on the value of sharing information begins with that confession, and ends with three screenshots from my laptop that tell a story it might otherwise take me a week to figure out how to express.

Two years ago I wrote a letter about the safe full of personal resources we all have to draw from to help others (e.g. time, creativity, compassion). This is the copy I keep on my desk, with 2 important additions I later made to remind me to share them:

Next is a paragraph I wish I hadn’t cut from the essay I posted Wednesday. I edited it out to keep focus on the voices of non-profit teams who might want to tell their own stories, but the omission could leave room for confusion about my intention to share information about these gifts myself. Although I may write essays on other topics, my commitment to sharing information about my own giving has never wavered. I will continue to post updates twice every twelve months or so.

And last is a screenshot from my early working list of goals for the website we’ve been working toward launching at some point next year. We’ve been doing our best to maximize our first two years of giving, while sharing information in a way that supports non-profits and informs the broader community. We want to and will share more: